I Could Live There…

“Whatever walked there, walked alone.”

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I enjoy reading and have blogged in the past about travel and books. My latest blog is a vanity blog. I write about whatever comes to mind, specifically, things I think I need in life. Hope you enjoy! View all posts by Monica

2 responses to “I Could Live There…

  • tiare75

    Okay, though I have read a number of Shirley Jackson’s stories, and LOVED The Lottery, I have not yet read Hill House. The opening paragraph is very powerful. This line, “Hill house, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within…” made me shiver, literally. I think that I must read it very soon.


    • Monica

      I think you will enjoy it immensely. I actually got another friend interested who just started reading it as well. However, this is one of those books I think are better suited to an actual “book” than an e-reader. You literally need to turn the pages. It’s a visceral thing. Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.


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